I pray that you heal the wounded, the emotionally hurt people in this lifetime. I pray that you show them the light, to Love you, you shine so bright. I pray that the blinded see. I pray those who can’t walk, don’t walk alone. I pray that those who don’t believe will finally believe in you.

Forgive me for being lost, with the help of your disciples I was able to find the Love you have shown me from the moment I was in the womb. The protection, Love, Gratitude.

Forgive me for my sins. For I forgive myself. I didn’t understand but now I do. Thank you God. Amen

Stay Shining

A Doozy

It is Amazing how we trick ourselves into thinking something that isn’t true. Why I do this to myself is due to childhood trauma. Thats okay, God is with us all. Our paths are built because of him. I absolutely Love and Thank him for all he has done for me in my life. I wouldn’t be this strong without knowing that I have him.

Lack of sleep due to medication. Hahaha time for a doctors appointment. I have faith that God will protect me and guide me in the right direction. Love ❤

Stay Shining

Take it all from me just not my family

I will surrender for my family, friends, peers. Beautiful Souls you are! I am so, so tired. I am finally done. My purpose is almost complete. How dare you all Disrespect me like this? Lie to me. Make me feel like the crazy one.

You will mno longer take my people. You sick pieces of *shit! Suicide is what we all think. You are done!

Stay Shining


I know who you are. Interesting enough I thought I was going crazy. More than just one. I figured it out just took me a good bit to process. I was blind but now I see.

Stop being Scary and confront me. Say Hello. I won’t do anything unless you give me reason to. I know now and I want you to confess to your s**t. I am done being afraid. If something happens know that I will put up a fight. You obviously know me since you know I know. Hahahaha

Have a good day and don’t be scared.

Stay Shining

41 Days sober, 2 hours of sleep

The roughest night I have had since the starting of my Healing Journey. I am so, so tired but I can’t seem to force myself to sleep. Definitley stressors that are affecting me.

I know I will be okay. We all have bad days. I do struggle still. Hahaha I am Human. I praise others to bring light into my life. My friend told me, “Supporters need Support too.” How honest is that.

I have to praise myself for all of the healing I have done and continue to do. It is really hard but I have faith that I am going to be okay.

I do hope everyone has a Fantastic day, Sincerely. ❤

Stay Shining

Uncle P

I miss you uncle. Growing up I didn’t realize how much you had to do. Measures you have taken to protect your children. You kind sir are a very Strong, Wise man. Amazing Father.

I know your Journey has been a good one, in fact an Amazing one. You not only taught your children but they taught you as well. They may have rebelled, Look at them now though. What Beautiful souls they truly are. I hope you had a really good Fathers day. Love you

Stay Shining

The Music Artist

Not gonna lie I have had a few “one night stands.” I am not ashamed of this. I actually met a man and he had a very rough life. I seen his shine though. He was different. Interestingly he wants to become a rapper. I asked him what his Aspiration was in life. He answered so fast. It was hillarious. Cute actually. He glowed when he talked about it.

I do hope he is well and knows he has the Strength to overcome the “demons”- Bad medicine, that people tend to give off. I was actually very toxic. I really really was. I swear I had bad medicine given to me.

You wouldn’t understand this. It comes from my Indiginous culture. Please take care of yourself. Remember you matter. You can do anything you want to do with the positive support of even one person. Someone to root you on.

Stay Shining

Oldest Nephew

Hey you, Yeah you. Hahaha Don’t ever think I could forget you. I have you in my thoughts every single day. I Love you so, so much! I wish you seen you the way I do.

Technically your mine. Hahaha Kidding. I hope you can forgive me for the pain I have caused you. I am bawling my eyes out right now. You didn’t and don’t deserve an unhealthy Aunty. I am fighting and I am fighting hard. We can heal our family, first we must heal ourselves.

I see your shine, I see your scream to release. It’s okay to do that. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can always write it down. I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments. So, So Proud of you. I Love you so, so much! ❤

Stay Shining