Indirect Bullying

Let me just say this is Extremely common. I hear it time and time again. Where I live people are very, very Judgemental. At least I think so. I am too nice to be around all these Negative people.

Alright, as an adult I know these things are out of my control. What I can do is if I see it is really hurting someone, I can go and talk to them if need be.

My oldest was at school, this was when she was in grade 2 maybe? There are a lot of kids that live where I do. Due to it being Geared to Income. I was standing there with a stroller awaiting her to be released for the day. A couple kids from my complex started to Indirectly Bully a girl walking to go and pick up a child. Assuming they knew each other. The boys started to sing the “umpa lumpa” song off of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I seen the pain on her face. How upset it made her. S I yelled at those boys. They insisted it wasnt at her because they were talking to each other. No way is anyone gonna get away with that in my eyes.

There are friends who do joke around with each other. It is quite Hillarious sometimes. I just heard one of those same boys yell to their friend, “your a hooker”. Okay funny but they witnessed me fall so many times. I dont talk to them and I know they don’t like me. Hahaha So, point being, yes Indirect Bullying is very Common.

I am still learning to Control my Feelings here. I am shaking actually because of how Angry I am. This happens to me and I really want to be so Negative. Not toward me but the boy outside. I am coping with it in a positive way. I know who I am and I wont Ever let anyone trick me into believing their hurtful words. We all are our own Beautiful. Oh yes, I am NOT a hooker. Hahaha To those who are, dont let people Shame you. You are still such a Beautiful Soul.

Stay Shining