Every single person on this earth, has been Bullied. If you haven’t, your most likely in denial. We Bully ourselves everyday. When we are hurtful towards ourselves, thinking your not good enough. Why would you or I believe that?

I have always been “different”. Been Bullied by others and then Bullied myself right after. It is Terrible. Had I been Supported Positively and told I was enough growing up. Maybe I wouldn’t be so “Different”.

I can’t put Blame on them. My family has Generational Trauma issues, that I was unaware of. No one really knew how to Love. I was Always trying so hard to brighten peoples days. It made me Happy when others were happy. Can’t say it was the same being opposite of that. I still Love making people Happy but I am learning how to Love myself.

I do Definitely have a temper just like any other human. I avoid conflict, I know I would really hurt someone. I refuse to be a Bully. I have said and done terrible things in the past. I ask forgiveness if this somehow reaches those that I have hurt.

I do gotta say I Forgive all those who have hurt me because they are hurting too. I am really good at accepting my faults and blurting them out. It takes a lot of Courage, Strength, Love, and Honesty. I am sure the list goes on.

I am exhausted from Bullying myself. I am a Strong, Resilient, Respectful, Honest, Loving person. I have my flaws but who doesn’t? I am my own Beautiful.

Stay Shining