From Breaking Down To Breaking Through!

I was so “Lost”. I felt Hopeless, unloved, unappreciated, I hated myself. I didn’t want Nothing to do with Me! How is that Possible?

My Mom always showed me Love. She taught me how to be Respectful. How to Please others. How to Help those in need. I am Thankful for her.

I just wish I could of Loved myself much sooner than this. I don’t regret all the bad in the past. I have so much knowledge of myself and others. I am still Learning and I will continue because this is my Journey. I am done being Ashamed, Embarrassed, Hopeless.

I am finally Healing, it feels really nice. I work hard everyday to better myself for myself. My family too, mainly and most importantly myself.

I hope me writing my thoughts, emotions, and feelings will help others to understand theirs. Your not Crazy, You are Human. Accept all those Emotions good and bad. Writing really helps for myself. I am very Comfortable sharing in hopes that I do make a difference in this world. To see more Positive than Negative and to Love yourself whole.

Stay Shining