The Psych Ward

I don’t know what to write about. I could write about anything and I am hesitating. I could talk about how I met someone in the psychiatric ward. How we tried to start a relationship once we both were out of the hospital. Not that it is a terrible thing to meet someone in the psychiatric ward.

It was just walking and talking at first. Him and I would walk around the ward together and try to sneak kisses in when we could. All the nurses knew but never said anything.

On Christmas Day I got a card from him. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. He even wrote me two notes while in the hospital. The sweetest notes I have ever read. He made me happy.

I remember on New years eve I awoke right at 12:01am. I jumped out of my bed and went running to my friends room to give him a kiss and say Happy New Year. As I was leaving two nurses were walking in the room. We were not allowed to enter each others rooms. I quickly said to them, “I just wanted to tell him Happy New Year”.

I then said Happy New Year to the two nurses and scurried back to my room. I went right to sleep after that, I was also kind of scared when I went into his room. Knowing that we are not supposed to go into anyone elses rooms.

It was worth it because it made him happy.

He would make me a dessert from whatever sweet treats we could get from the hospital. All of them were so delicious, probably why I gained some weight.

I am thankful to have met this man. He treated me so special. Everything turned though. We began drinking together and it became an everyday thing for a week or more. The last night he was at my place, he got so drunk that he fell back at the top of the stairs. He hit his head pretty hard.

I was worried about him so I called my sister and asked her what to do. She guided me by telling me to get him into bed. So I did, I finally got him to bed after about 5 to 10 minutes of trying.

In the morning he left. I was upset because the night before he kept pushing me back telling me to “just lay down”. He kept doing it after I asked him to stop. I finally raised my voice at him. I told him to Stop pushing me back. After that he went downstairs upset that I yelled at him and drank a half of a bottle of Crown royal within 5 min.

I am happy that he is okay and that I am okay as well. The scenario’s that were running through my sisters mind as well as mine. I fear that it could have been worse. I am thankful we both are safe. I do talk to him a little but not much anymore. He needs to focus on himself and I need to focus on myself.

I thought this man was going to be my lifelong partner before things turned sour. He did make me happy but I have learned my lesson from past relationships to protect myself from harm. Not saying he was purposely hurting me. It was still wrong.

I do hope he gets the help he needs as I am getting the help I need to, it just doesn’t involve him. I know he understands. At least I hope he understands that we both are to messed up people that cannot be together romantically.

Stay Shining


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