February 19/20, 2023

I was at my sisters home and I asked my Mom to drop me off. So she did, I forgot to grab my phone off the counter before I left. So now I don’t have any way to contact help if I need it. I have no way of contacting my sister or my mom. I guess I am just meant to have no phone for the night. No distraction in whatever I choose to do while I am here at home.

Now I am starting to wonder if I just put my phone in my coat pocket. Either way I am to lazy to go and check in these moments.

I have been feeling sick to my stomach ever since I ate a burger and french fries at my sisters for dinner. I possibly did eat way to much today in general. I have been in that mood to just eat and eat. It’s almost out of control, or is completely out of control.

I was thinking last week, what if I am pregnant?. Even though I just got my IUD placed in. These are the worry’s that I have been having since after I had my oldest child. So, me thinking something is wrong goes to the extreme at times.

Just like having the fear that I am pregnant when they did a test at the doctors, the day I got the IUD placed.

It is the 20th of February, 2023. I awoke and wanted to drink almost instantaniously. I keep thinking about having drinks with my sister. Even though my sister has been sober for some time now. I know she isn’t drinking right now so I don’t understand why I immediately thought about having drinks with her.

I stayed at home last night, well you already know this because I wrote about it. Hahahaha….. anyways, Yesterday I also went to my Sister from another mr’s Shiny Tea Party of Doom. I had fun, I gave her a small donation to put back toward her savings. She had to take her dog to the vet and it cost her almost 300 dollars.

While at my sister from another mr’s party, She showed me a necklace that she had made and it has a wish in it. You know when the dandelions turn to wishes. I asked her to hold on to it for me. It was the only one she had. So I am looking forward to that buy.

I do want to buy a heart necklace for each of my children as well. I think it would be a nice small gift to give them, when I see them again.

I am unsure what I am going to be doing today but I am thankful to have woken up in a better mood than most days.

Stay Shining


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