Today is Saturday, October 22, 2022. Before I awoke this morning I was in a panic, or having an anxiety attack. I don’t know if there is a difference between the two. My heart was pounding and I felt a shortness of breath. I was shaking and couldn’t even get my brain to settle. Normally I would take my anti-anxiety medication but I didn’t have any to take.

I got myself ready and immediately walked over to my sisters house. I still have my anxiety happening, I probably shouldn’t have had a coffee either but my Mom had made it for me. Living with this has been very difficult. I have had many intrusive thoughts on top of my anxiety. Most likely what had started my panic.

So the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack is that a “panic attack is often more intense and can occur with or without a trigger”. “Anxiety attacks are a response to a percieved threat”. read this off of>articles.

So I suppose I had an anxiety attack from a dream while I was sleeping. This has never happened to me before or at least that I can remember. My dream was of my sister and I. We were in a ship that was in outer space as well as in water. It was a school. I had found a little baby on a staircase that was in the ship. so small it was smaller than the palm of my hand. My sister and I tried to save the baby and take care of it. We had found the mother who gave birth to the baby but the mother didn’t seem to care.

I have a feeling the dream has to do with my own trauma from February 11th of last year. This is why I write because it helps me to cope with everything that is happening in my life. Such a scary experience to me. I know one day I will have control over the attacks but I do wish it never started. As anyone would living with the anxiety that I do. I know I am not alone and hopefully if anyone else is going through something similar can see that it is only temporary and that it’s okay to let it out. Speak about it because keeping it to myself personally makes the situation worse.

Stay Shining

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