The Unknown

I have a fear of the unknown. I am not sure if this happens with everyone else. I am sure it does at times. I am always worried about the outcome of some situations. Like when you want to go do something but you get scared to do it because you just don’t know what is going to happen after it is said and done.

I know that you won’t ever know if you don’t try and that it is all a learning thing. I started joining an AA meeting and sometimes I am scared to join because I am so worried about judgement. When everyone else there is going through the same thing I am. Why must I fear judgement of others to begin with, if I am trying to heal just like them?

I am learning just like everyone else and I hope that one day I will no longer fear the judgement of others. So I am proud of myself for just doing the meetings. I am also thankful that there are meeting to attend because the feeling of being alone through this is hard.

Stay Shining


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