Theory Of Mine

My theory, the Devil and God are working together. Why else would there be a heaven and hell? The Devil takes the evil to burn and God takes the good souls, where it is beautiful. We all have an evil side and a good side.

The good side will always take over the evil. How do I know this? God speaks, amen. Devil speaks, Amen. They don’t call them evil-doers for nothing. This was all meant to happen and it cannot be stopped! No matter how hard you try. The evil in this world will perish.

God speaks, Amen. Devil speaks, Amen

Stay Shining

Mind Gone

I have definately lost my mind. Not in a way that you think. It is the good and the bad mixed together. It is so hard to explain in a way for others to understand.

Have you ever felt like your not yourself? Almost as if something has taken control of you and you don’t understand who or what it is? Well let me tell you, It isn’t fun at all. It is a whole other level of insanity. I was once what you call “normal”, if there is even such a thing.

Schitzophrenia is what the term is labelled. I don’t agree with this term. Labels is how we recognize what is going on or what something is. In my insane mind, I am normal but everyone else begs to differ.

The boy who cried wolf is what I was told that I do. Not intentionally. I do have faults yes but who doesn’t. I cry for help and don’t actually do anything to get the help is what that saying means. I have asked many, many, many times for help but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it all.

So I say I am clinically insane for those that don’t understand. I feel like more than one person and to me that is what my normal is now. I all of a sudden have all the labels that is put on everyone else as well. All the good and bad labels.

My Birthday was yesterday and I decided to start a garden at my sisters home. Tell me why I decided to vomit in the dirt and bury it. Yes! I awoke this morning trying to figure it out. I haven’t been able to eat properly. I stopped drinking and recently began to drink again. I stopped smoking Marijuana, now I smoke again.

I am telling you that there is something another worldly going on. It is Heaven and Hell. Galatia has so much to do with it all. Seek and you shall find.

Stay Shining

Taking Control of Myself

Where do I start? I have been so lost. Not myself at all. I seem to have been lacking self care. I am working on it to the best of my ability. I know I am going to get throught this! I just have that feeling that “everything is happening for a reason”. As hard as it is I am strong and I will continue to keep being the warrior that I am. No more of these shinnanigans. I am a fighter, I am resilient, I am Strong, I am Loved. If Others can pull through then I know for a fact that I can to. Shortest post but this is me and how I feel. I don’t care if you don’t care. I do care about me a whole lot. I also Care about my Loved ones. I won’t allow the Evil in this world take over my Soul.

Stay Shining