Mother Nature

As I walked through Mother Nature today, the ground is so dry. It won’t rain if we don’t start properly taking care of our land. It takes teamwork to be able to help Mother Nature to get back to good health.

Why must we focus on materialistic things? It is not important. What is important is, who you surround yourself with. Positive people bring positive moods. The knowledge of a happy, healthy, whole person is inside of us all.

I planted many seeds today and gave thanks as I did so. I prayed all day and danced. I ask that we stop hurting Mother Earth. When we don’t take care of the earth, we don’t take care of ourselves. Animals, plants, trees, vines, bushes, grass, herbs, fruits, vegetables. All those beautiful nutritous and healing plants.

It doesn’t have to be anything over the top. Even if you just water a couple plants a day. Water your grass because in order for rain to be here Mother Earth needs to stay hydrated. It is true that if we don’t start making positive changes, Mother earth will die and everything on it. Every living thing. Please, Please, Please I ask that we help our Mother Earth to be healthy and Strong. So that we all can Stay Healthy and Strong.

Stay Shining

Beautiful Souls

I see good things coming, I can feel it in my bones. My feet touching the earth as well as my hands. Most Wonderful feeling is mother nature. The senses all kick in. Grounding.

Grounding for me has so, so much to do with the earth we are living on. To give thanks to mother nature. I am so Thankful to have had as much experience that I have. I am going to help others not to sure how but I am and it has already started. My Journey continues every single day.

Yesterday I was blessed by children for the day. They brightened my eyes so much. I do miss my children so much. I Love them so, so much. As I know I am loved by others. I am Loved by god, I am loved by the creator, and I have learned to Love myself.

Don’t get me wrong, it is hard but so worth it being sober and clean. If I can better myself then I know for a fact you can too. You just have to look up. Up to the sky, see all that beauty that has been surrounding us our entire lives. Not Cars, Money, Clothes, Jewelery. The most inportant thing is surrounding yourself with all the beautiful souls on this earth and in heaven.

I do have to say to a Wonderful woman whom I haven’t really spoken too for a while but she has been in my thoughts. JG, I hope you can forgive me for causing any pain to you. I forgive you, we didn’t know any better when we were younger. You are Beautiful Inside and out just like every other human being on this planet.

You were and still are a big part of my life. Good and bad memories, it is all so, so, good. Thank you for the time, patience, and Love you showed me. Thank you for being you. Beautiful souls.

Every single person on this earth is and has so much beauty inside and out. Love you all.

Stay Shining