Circle Of Life

The cycle of life, is more than being born and dying. It is finding who you are as an individual. Living your Life in the best way possible. Love hard, Show kindness, Build Strength, Be Honest, Resilient, Respectful, Have integrity, Standards and Boundaries.

So, so important to know that it doesn’t have to be a bad life. You can make your life a good one by taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Positive affirmations are good. I am beautiful, Strong, Resilient, Honest, I am loved by others and I Love myself. I always do my best to stay kind, and Love unconditionally. Life is too short to waste on all negatives in this world.

If you take care of yourself you will see the biggest difference in your own mood, as I do mine. I still have bad days, just like today. I was all of a sudden Angry because of our people being kidnapped, killed. It breaks my heart. Also to add if anything was to ever happen to me, it was someone else who did it. I say this because I refuse to leave this lifetime by my own hands. “Suicide” I am adament to continue life without Alcohol and drugs.

Paranoia is definitely a withdrawl affect after quitting cold turkey. Probably shouldn’t have done that, I came to a point of death. It was a struggle to get through it but I am so Happy I had guidance to overcome the bad words. Good words are always better for sure.

Stay Shining