Who do you think you are?

I am so Angry! Why me? Keep asking myself the same questions over and over again. I am working so hard on my mental health. Trying to figure out who is the cause of all this pain. It sure isn’t me hurting myself.

Every Child Matters, No more stolen sisters. I placed my stone at the Zion church I prayed the entire Journey rolling my Boulder. Fingers were in pain, knees scraped up, feet are getting stronger. Sun burn galore. I am trying to hear you Creator. I pray and pray and pray. Please help me.

Give me the strength to overcome this pain to our people. Show me the way. I Love you, I Love me. I need guidance. Please answer me, help me. I thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I LOve you, we all Love you. Amen, Y^wako

I will work my but off to help my people and protect our lands. Who do you think you are? I know I am going to accomplish something amazing. Await for me outside your door. I shall spin three times and clap three times. You will repent, for if you do Not, God will not show you pitty, nor mercy. You will be sent to the dark world, everyone calls Hell. Leave my people alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my last warning. I am Angry and I will get Justice. I WILL GET SALVATION FOR MY PEOPLE.

How do I know? Creator spoke to me and has shown me so so much. Don’t think you can hide from this. All the information I have is put in a safe place and if anything happens to me, you will suffer the consequences.

Creator give me the strength to help save my people from the “Mind Changers”. Guide me in the right direction. Give me the Courage to confront my fears. Knowledge me more so I fully understand. Y^wako

(Added) I wrote this in a hurt and angered state of mind. I apologise for that. I pray that I will be forgiven for allowing my weakness to get the best of me. I should have said.

I understand your in pain, we all are. Every single human on this planet is in pain. I can’t imagine how you may feel. I do know that you have the strength to overcome those “demons” in your head that tell you it’s a good thing to kidnap or murder people out of spite. I would never wish pain upon anyone. I know I get angry but this post was so good to release. I am staying positive. I hope you find the Love in your heart for yourself and others, no matter the level they are in life. You can be happy too, I promise. It is hard but we can all work together if we try and be mindful of others situations and feelings. I just know you will feel so much better if you confess to your wrong doings. Ask for forgiveness from your god you look up too. God Forgives and with Forgiveness comes Happiness. So state of mind has changed. I have calmed down. Interesting choice of words I used while being angry. Stay Kind to each other, smile, say hi, we all are human and we all have feelings, emotions. Like they say ” It takes a village to raise children”, so lets work together to teach our children how kind and Loving the world can be. No more hate. Peace and Love.

Stay Shining

2 thoughts on “Who do you think you are?

    1. Very. very true. It angered me before but not as much as it has the past few days. I was drowning myself in alcohol before so I never fully payed attention. Sobriety has been a hard one but so good. I see so much more than I have ever before. Someone actually wrote a poem, I do believe and if I am correct it was directed towards another persons beliefs and what to do to help them see the light. Interesting for sure.

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