I know who you are. Interesting enough I thought I was going crazy. More than just one. I figured it out just took me a good bit to process. I was blind but now I see.

Stop being Scary and confront me. Say Hello. I won’t do anything unless you give me reason to. I know now and I want you to confess to your s**t. I am done being afraid. If something happens know that I will put up a fight. You obviously know me since you know I know. Hahahaha

Have a good day and don’t be scared.

Stay Shining

6 thoughts on “Ha……

  1. i am your nightmare. i dont give a fuck. you re just running outta luck baby. man wants cannot get. ghet yet still the thrill was saying i saw you i know you and i show you this unit myself has significance too . tho i freak i still seek the pleasure of your hidden treasures. ha ha ha ha ha!

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      1. no patronsing. no jokes. worries. bad joss woman. bad bad joss all the back to when i hauled shane pesetto to the karate club and scammed daphne swisher. 1994

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      1. consider the source you know who.. i m sober but not sensible . as pope son st tom screams as i enter. what ru doing here? I LIVE HERE. MY PRIVACY IS GONE. SORRY SONNY.

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