The Music Artist

Not gonna lie I have had a few “one night stands.” I am not ashamed of this. I actually met a man and he had a very rough life. I seen his shine though. He was different. Interestingly he wants to become a rapper. I asked him what his Aspiration was in life. He answered so fast. It was hillarious. Cute actually. He glowed when he talked about it.

I do hope he is well and knows he has the Strength to overcome the “demons”- Bad medicine, that people tend to give off. I was actually very toxic. I really really was. I swear I had bad medicine given to me.

You wouldn’t understand this. It comes from my Indiginous culture. Please take care of yourself. Remember you matter. You can do anything you want to do with the positive support of even one person. Someone to root you on.

Stay Shining

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