“The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.” Aggregate; “A whole formed by combining several elements.”

If we were all to communicate with each other properly and accept people for their own Individual selves, maybe the world would be a brighter place.

I see the good in people but I also see the bad and I do have knowledge that bad people do bad things. They only do those bad things due to their own trauma. Or they were forced into that lifestyle.

So much hope that I have. I do know that everyone deserves the best. Its not about your looks but your Love for yourself. To Love yourself so you Can Love others.

We only have so much energy to spare. Also many words I use is knowledge from others. Pretty cool and I get to share it. The knowledge of myself has taught me so much!

Stay Shining

12 thoughts on “Society

      1. I understand completely, my friend and I had this conversation actually. I honestly and politely am saying I think this world needs to be brighter. Call me manipulative, I call it Honesty. I Love who I am and I will continue to help brighten this world. If it upsets people, that’s okay. They don’t understand right now. Self Love is Important. Have an Amazing Day, Stay Shining 🥰💫


      2. it takes time to find out who you are. i have perspective as i do not know you. i m not your friend yet. perhaps in time. just passing thru read the paragraph and thought how open honest and horrifying. you know?

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      3. i will say this much tho. i hope you continue to grow in your sobrieity as a woman and that society and men won t define who you become , which is your gift to God.

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