Thank you A

She was hesitant at first. She still helped me. She wanted to have coffees and talk. I eventually pushed her away, after all the support she had shown me.

I was walking with my Mom today and I seen a car pull into a parking lot. I have seen this car often. So I watched as the car turned out and drove off. I was staring and seen the driver with their hood on pulled tight. I don’t know how they could see while driving.

I started laughing and my mom said “what?”. I told her who I thought it was. I think my family thinks I am crazy. I also do think I am crazy as well but in a good way. Odd ball. Better yet I am very unique. Lol

I texted her, she replied. So when we get together I am gonna ask her. Hopefully I am not crazy. Hahahahaha

Stay Shining

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