I was told by a very wise man, that “The hard Love people were given was not the proper love they needed.” I completely understand this. It is hard for many of us. It really did traumatize a lot of people. To make someone feel unloved. Whether it was unintentional or taught. It is not okay.

What is okay is saying sorry, saying yes, I made a mistake, Yes I cry, Yes I get angry. Everything is okay to feel.

I also want to add that there is one specific man I was talking to and he was so positive. Very supportive. We no longer talk. I understand why. I am okay with this.

I do hope he is well. I hope he also understands that he has helped me so, so much. He is very Inspirational in my eyes.

I swear every person I meet, I can see who they really are as an Individual. Sometimes it takes a while but mostly I can see. Men don’t have to be “hard”. You can still be “manly” if your respectful, kind, caring, loving. We are all human after all. My friend also told me, “Supporters need support too.”

Stay Shining

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