“Close familiarity or friendship; closeness.”

I crave intimacy, not sexually. emotionally, friendships are what I crave. I enjoy company of other so, so much. There is so much more to life than just “sex”. I remember being misserable and I would push my ex away. I was rude, inconciderate, disrespectful. I was Majorly depressed.

I was Majorly depressed from my past. My childhood. It took a lot of Strength, Courage, Hope, Honesty, Forgiving not only myself but others too. I have been to the deepest, Scariest moments in my life. Too many to count. I have always been a danger to myself but not others.

Never wanted to blame others for their actions because it is them who needs to realize their place in the situation. No control, I always wanted to have some type of control over something but so does everyone. Mine was intimacy before.

I went from lack of sex drive, to high sex drive. That doesn’t mean I am going to lower my worth and find pleasure elsewhere. If get the jist of what I am saying. Communication, Friendship, Love, Honesty, Respect, Trust, Hope. All of it. Thats my thoughts on this. lol

Stay Shining

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