I am curious to know how women and men want to be treated? Do we all want to be treated the same? Or is our look on life completely different?

After all we all have the same emotions. I am trying to understand everything. Like I have been born again. Lol I suppose that’s a good thing. I just want to know everything about everything. It’s pretty cool. I am learning a lot. About myself as well as others and we all are not much different at all. What’s your thoughts?

Stay Shining 💫

3 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. I really like this thought-provoking post 🙂 I think deep down we all want to be accepted for who we are, respected, have a chance to follow what gives us passion, and be forgiven for the things of our past. I think we all have different outlooks based on how we grew up, the experiences we go through, and how we perceive the world, but I believe our core wants are similar.

    Unfortunately, men/women grew up in a world telling us who we were and what men/women are supposed to like, what to wear, how to behave, how to feel, etc… without ever really getting a chance to figure out who we really are at the soul level. I think that’s why there is such an outcry in the community to identify as something… anything other than the society’s version of man/woman because the forced views of society before does not fit into how the world is developing today.

    We are not so different at all. That’s why the golden rule is so important. Treat others how you want to be treated because we all have one thing in common for sure and that is emotions. We just react differently to emotions. Well, at least that’s how I feel lol I honestly don’t know one way or the other.

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