No matter how dark or bright everyones blogs are. They are so important to me. Writing is the release. To me I find it my go to. I would rather type than talk. Hahaha Introverted.

I am seeing so much understanding of you all. I can relate to every emotion in a situation or story, I feel deep. Intuned with my emotions. I Adore seeing everyones personalities. That shine I have been searching for withing myself has started arising. Not only from the outside world but here on this platform. It really is a blessing. Thank you Nicole! Love you girl. I am so happy you shared this app with me. Thank you wordpress for allowing me to express without judgement. Thank you, all of you beautiful souls who are putting the effort into what you Love. The teaching, Knowledge I am recieving is uncomparible to others on the street.

To see not only my true beauty, I see everyone single one of you individually. We all are different and thats okay. Why would you want to be anyone other than you? Thats no fun. I love you all. Thank you for being you.

Stay Shining

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