Strength- Missing person

Just found out she was found a long time ago. My heart feels okay now. I was so scared. I will keep this up as a reminder. Also the fact that I did my best to spread the word when I didn’t know she was found. Life is scary I know she has The Courage to Change.

To me strength is not about physical strength. To me strength is to overcome the fear of “bad judgement”. Strength is to know how important you are in this life. Show your strength and Courage. Don’t fear the outcome. That is strength. To accept your emotions and your entirety, Love yourself whole.

Strength is to accept the things you cannot change. I made a phone call at 3am last night. Around there. I went for a drive yesterday and I was with my Mom, and sister. A Indiginous woman was standing on the median holding a sign. I have a tendancy to stare sometimes. Not intentionally.

Well at whatever time it was, I was on my phone and seen a missing person report that lloked just like the woman standing on the median.

I called crime-stoppers to report that I had seen her. They did give me a tracking number. Last night I slept only 3 hours. I went for a walk this morning with my mom. I told her about it. Which then reminded me about the writer I emailed. Who had no clue what I was talking about. Even though she was the one who wrote the article.

So she said I should report it to the police, in the email. I did that. I called them and left a message. The moment I left to go to the bathroom. Washing my hands I think. My phone rang. I missed the call. So I called back and left another message. Nothing.

I can’t sleep knowing she hasn’t been found. I asked my sister to drive me around to look for her. She couldn’t and also reminded me that this is out of my control.

I am happy I was able to give them the tip from 9 or 10 am on that day. June 14, 2022. It saddens me. I even screamed: “Stay Strong” She turned to look and i was trying to mouth it to her.

Her name is Samantha Janes. She is 29 years old and the last time I seen her was standing on that median holding a cardboard box sign. Wearing black short, shorts, Black hair tied back, I don’t recall foot wear or eye color. I think she had a tank top on.

I really am asking and praying that our ancestore protect her and that the creator direct her the right way.

Strength to know I made an effort. I really do hope she is found. Thank you for reading.

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