Grandma Jean

Strongest woman I have ever known! She was a Beautiful woman inside and out. My grandma was the main caregiver for every single one of us! I mean that, all of us she put before herself. She taught me Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Strength.

My grandma welcomed anyone with open arms. You didn’t have a place to stay, she would either welcome you to stay at her home or she would find somewhere for them to go.

Although I got to see her true Beauty, people called her “mean jean.” I never understood why until I got older. She was Stubborn and had a bad temper. Quick to anger, not her fault. She had a rough life as well.

My grandma was adopted. She had two adopted siblings, a female and a male. Her biological family on her moms side, she had three siblings. Three sisters, she would be added as the fourth girl. I am unsure why she was adopted. I was probably told but don’t remember.

My grandma was a PSW, there were no equipment to use in her working days. So all PSW’s would have to physically lift. my grandma worked until she retired. I can’t recall how old I was. Maybe 9 or 10. She loved baking cakes and decorating them, canning, Cross words, Tetris (she was awesome at this game), Yahtzee, Scrabble, Cards, Soap Opera’s, Coffee, and she smoked a lot.

Dancing was her thing when she was happy. She would tap her feet and clap her hands. Humming and sometimes singing. Her smile lit up the room. Yes, she had flaws but we all do. I am so thankful she is/was my grandmother.

My grandma Jean barely drank alcohol. She was actually the one to keep my grandpa in check. My mom thinks that if her dad, my grandpa didn’t have my grandma there for him. He most likely would of become an everyday drinker.

My grandma and grandpa had five children. four live births, one still birth. The still birth was a boy. Unknown if they named him. The order of live births is Female, Female, Female, Male. My mom is the fourth child of the five. The baby boy was born second.

One of my aunt’s had six children but killed herself (committed suicide)

So that left our family broken, I still think of my aunt a lot. I know she is okay for sure. I feel it, Despite all of the trauma and pain my grandma had endured in her life; “she was as strong as whatever the strongest thing may be.” Hahaha Love that woman

Stay Shining

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