Tik Tok

Oh yes, I was one of those mommas who tried to make videos on tik tok. I Loved it but realized how uncomfortable I was with myself. I felt embarrassed, kind of creepy. Lol Others didn’t think so but in my own mind, I was very hard on myself.

The first person I loved to watch was The husband and wife. Why I can’t remember her name. Basically everyone was or is obsessed with her husband. Hahaha This woman herself is a Strong, funny, compassionate woman.

The second one I really loved was this man’s healing story. He was walking everyday, Loving himself unconditionally. It really inspired me but all I was doing at the time was drinking. I remember he would play games with people on Live. Amazing man, so Proud of them.

So even though it wasn’t for me, I still remember the passion and Love those two specific people showed to others and themselves. Respect. 😁

I was so obsessed with tik tok to the point I was staying up until 5am watching videos, knowing damn well I had to be up with the kids. I did it though. I still got up. Power of being a Mom. Hahaha Miss those kids so, so much.

Stay Shining

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