The Dream

I have dealt with a lot of death in our family. Including a lot of animals. Besides that, the dream I had the night my grandpa past, was beyond next level visions.

In my dream I was basically floating as if my soul left my body. I could see every detail. I heard voices down the hall in the living room. Grandma, Aunty G, and Aunty M. As I made my way down the hall I could hear soft small crys. When I reached the living room I was no longer gliding along the floor but I was looking down from the ceiling. I could see all three of them around my grandpa’s bed, holding hands with their heads down and crying.

So that next morning when I asked my grandma where grandpa was, I already knew. I also didn’t tell my grandma until years later about my dream. I can’t recall if she had said anything to me about it.

Out of body experience. I have had a few but this one about my grandpa is the only one I can remember like it was yesterday.

Stay Shining

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