Grandpa Dave

My grandpa was an acceptional man. He was funny a huge jokester. My mom told me a story about how my grandpa scared the”living s**t” out of my grandma. My grandpa was working on building a porch for the front of the house. Well the boards weren’t fastened down yet. So they would teeter tot when you walked on them and make noise.

My grandma was in the kitchen cooking. She said all of a sudden they heard a huge “Bang” outside and my grandpa yelled, “OW, MY HIP!” She said my grandma went running and as soon as she opened the door, my grandpa bursted out laughing. Hahaha my mom said my grandma was so Mad. Lol she obviously would of laughed about it afterwards.

My grandma was much different from my grandpa. Grandma was the stern one. Kept everything in check. My grandpa would go out to a party to drink with his friends. When he drank, he binge drank. My mom said sometimes my grandma would go find him and drag him out. Not litterally, at least I don’t think. This is what got me, he would go home with grandma everytime. Although my mom said he would try to sneak back out. Hahaha

My grandpa was a farmer and did cement/construction. Grandpa actually helped build my grandmas house. MY grandpa was a very loving man, Kind, Caring. His nickname fore my mom was either Netty, or Netty Boo. I think that is the cutest thing ever.

My grandma took such good care of my grandpa. Not only him but everyone else as well as herself. I don’t really remember my grandpa to, to much. I do remember him in a wheelchair. Then I also remember the dream I had the night he died.

I awoke one morning and went out to the living room. Grandpa’s hospital bed wasn’t in the living room anymore and neither was he. When I asked my grandma where grandpa was, she couldn’t speak. Her mouth was trembling, so she pointed up and I knew exactly what she meant. I will share my dream in a seperate blog.

Stay Shining

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