Swimming Pool

Oh yes, My best friend for life! I got more than one. Although this woman was my partner in crime at times.

I remember moving to the states, my Mom took me to the swimming pool that was in the trailer park. I met this girl. She was so friendly and accepted me right away. We were pretty close. Every friend has falling out sometimes but in the end she was Always there for me.

We drifted apart as a lot of us do growing up. We got back in contact. I was so happy to have my friend back. Lol She is a Beautiful Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend.

Bad story but we went to the park and smoked cigarettes. I remember going to visit and as I was walking up to her place, a bird pooped on my shoulder. Hahaha

I want you to know how Important you are to me. I thank you for being my rock. You are such a Beautiful Soul! Can’t wait for the day I can come and see you, your family. Love you

Stay Shining

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