Open for change

There is so much good happening in my life. I believe what my friend said. Channeling in good thoughts, positive feelings. Not to ignore it all but accept it. Good and bad.

I used to sit around and mope all day. I lied to myself a lot. Actually come to think of it, a friend from a blog that I follow had opened my eyes to what Positive Toxicity is. lifesfinewhines. I do believe that is her blog. Smart Woman go check out her stuff. Knowledge after all is what we\I need to become a better me.

Positive support, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Courage, Strength. List goes on to the positive attributes that everyone can have. Dang world has been turned upside down. It’s okay because positive change is coming and I feel it.

So no matter what pain anyone is feeling in this m oment and time, Keep your head up. Hold it high because you are Strong, You are a Fighter, and you are Loved.

Stay Shining

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