“Generally, involves a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge”.

This is so Important. I am finding that Forgiving myself for my past and Forgiving others has made such a Positive impact in my life.

Forgiving has brought out the Truth which is Honesty. Honesty is a breath of fresh air. It lifts a wieght off of the shoulders.

Guilt, is another reason why Honesty, Forgiveness, and Love are very Important to me. I am always Thankful even if at the time it was just that bad. I have let people bring me down my entire life. I also have brought myself down.

I have always been a forgiving person, sometimes it takes a while but my eyes do open and see the truth. I also have no problem admitting my wrongs. It is a Strength of mine. I can learn to take it easy on the sorry. It has been apart of my language my entire life.

To Forgive is to Love. To know that everyone makes mistakes and we are humans. I will bring that up a lot. lol

Stay Shining

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