Fight, Flight, Fright

Well I started crying in the grocery store. Not because of anyone else. I seen a Mom who used to take care of me sometimes when she would have me over for sleepovers with her daughter. Her daughter and I were best friends when we were younger. I seen her and I got scared. I don’t understand why just yet. I turned the corner and started to tear up.

I wanted to say hi, it was that fight, flight, fright. I tried to dissapear so fast. I am working on it. Just brings up so many good memories of my childhood. As soon as I got “lost”, I wasn’t allowed to see my best friend anymore. I understand why though. I was becoming a bad influence on her daughter. I am so sorry. I know I can’t go back in time.

You treated me like your own. I appreciate you and Love you for that. I am learning how to work through this thing called life. Thank you and I am gonna try to fight through those fears.

Stay Shining

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