The story of our Amazing dog that I really don’t deserve. I say I don’t deserve her because I all she wanted was Love and I pushed her away. Everytime I cry she is right there, looking at me. She wants to comfort me and I push her away.

My mom was in a relationship with a man from our community. I call it a community because someone reminded me that the “white” people called it reserves. Yes I am white and an Aboriginal woman. I am proud to be.

Carrying on… my Mom’s boyfriend’s sister, couldn’t properly take care of her. I understood why and I accepted to bring her into my home. When I tell you I was terrified of D.O.G. I was scared of her. Hahahaha only because she was so excited that she was litterally smiling, showing her teeth. Her breasts were engorged from the milk supply. She had puppys young, only a year old I do believe. Thats animals for you.

As time went on I paid attention to her, still very distant. She definetley deserved a better life. I do want to say I don’t abuse her or anything. She is such an Amazing dog. She is a very good listener. She does get into garbage every once in a long while. Or eat your food off of the plate you left at the table. Lol she is a dog after all.

I am so Thankful that her previous caregiver gave her to me. I feel like a really s****y person. I am gonna be okay, just took me a long time to realize a lot of things going on in my brain.

The first time I was told her name I thought the owner said tetyotsi. I think that is the correct spelling. That is from Oneida Language. Hahaha I am pretty sure it means salt. Anyways, I laughed so hard when I asked her how to spell it. She had to tell me about three times that it is spelled just like dog.

Unfortunately, I know she is coming to the end of her life. She is 12 now. She is so tired. She has shown me so many signs. I feel like she is telling me to be ready, 100 percent. I cried and cried because she was crying.

I actually wanted to write this from a blogger I follow. She posted something about dogs. It was very true and it really hit me. So yeah been on my mind all day.

Stay Shining

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