Crotchet corner creates

My friend has her own group on Facebook. She is so, so creative. Her work is Phenominal. All handmade, she makes piniata’s too. I actually asked her to make me Penis pillows once. I believe it was five so I could give to my family. Hahaha I do Love the uncomfortable but hillarious reaction I got from them.

An amazing Mom and wife. She is so honest and kind. Understanding. I am Thankful to have her as my friend. She also has been through a hell of a lot. Not my story to tell. It is Wonderful to know that I definetely am Not alone. I am happy I am not “crazy”. Hahaha who am I kidding. I am crazy and I Love it.

Back to my friend, if you read this. I hope and kind of know you will. You are one of the people in my life who have impacted me positively. Thank you for showing me kindness and acceptance. I appreciate you so much. You are a beautiful Soul.

Stay Shining

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