Beautiful Souls

I say Beautiful souls because in my eyes it is not what you look like that makes you a beautiful person. It is your beauty that shines withing. I don’t focus on what people look like. I focus on the heart.

I see it in everyone, not kidding. I see the beautiful in everyone. You can knock me down but at the end of it all you are still Beautiful. Thats the thing with me. I am very forgiving. I also Love to spread Love. Not a bad thing, only when it’s not reciprocated.

I actually learned that from a friend. We all want to be told how beautiful we are but never want to hear it at the same time. Accept that beauty of yours. Thats why I always say stay shining. There is way too much dark in this world. I Love seeing the shine in people. It makes me happy, gives me hope.

So yes, all of you beautiful souls need to break free. Break free from the shame, embarrassment, Negatives. It is work but I quarantee, you won’t regret being your true self. Love all of you, Love all the bad and good. Your a star, You are a beautiful soul.

Stay Shining

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Souls

  1. That’s a beautiful way to see others. I think we all have beauty within and it’s important to remember that. Outer beauty means so little but inner beauty is so precious.

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