Confidence has been in my mind all day. I love seeing other peoples confidence. That is something we all should have. I am feeling a lot more confident since I have started my healing journey.

Don’t worry it isn’t bad confidence. I have positive confidence. I am not comparing myself to anyone. I also don’t think I am better than anyone. I think, I am becoming a better me. Haha I know I am becoming a better me. It is a daily struggle for me but everyday it feels a little easier.

I have never felt soo happy to be clear minded. I feel Happy. I am content with my decision to Love myself more than the negatives I put in my own head.

So Confidence, that is your shine. I am finally beginning to shine again. How great is that? Guess what, you can Shine too. I am telling you it is worth it to become a better version of yourself. No Alcohol, or hard drugs. I was struggling but everyday is getting easier and soo worth it. I am excited to see more positive changes. It is Possible to have a better state of mind. You just have to work at it, day by day. If I can do it, so can you.

Stay Shining


I remember when I was a very young girl. It would rain and the driveway to my Grandmas house would fill with puddles. My favorite, Ha I loved splashing in puddles. Anything that had to do with water I loved it.

I remember one day I was in the bath. It started pouring outside, I jumped out of the bath, threw on a towel, ran outside and sat in a puddle. Hahaha My Mom came out telling me to get my but back into the house. I don’t know why I just had that need to sit in the rain. Feel the drops, the smell, the purity of the rain. I just love it.

“When it rains, it pours”. When it pours, it floods. Sometimes the flood stays for a while. Eventually it slowly dissapates. So kwith that being said. In my mind life is like the rain. Sometimes it pours, floods, it is okay. Eventually it will become dry again.

So point is, no matter how hard it rains on your day. It is temporary, The rain will pass. For myself that rain, that pours and floods in my life, I embrace it. It took me a while but I feel the goodness and purity that comes with the rain. Just gotta wait it out but enjoy it while your waiting. At the end of your “storm” you will see the light. The purpose of pain, hurt, is to learn from it. Let it do it’s thing and then allow it to move along.

Stay Shining