Comparing has been in my mind since I had a group yesterday. A friend had talked about Comparing. It makes me think. Comparing can be positive but it also can be a negative.

You can compare a shirt and decide which one you like best. I think comparing myself to people is unhealthy. To me, if and when I do compare myself to others. I have to remind myself I am my own person. Doesnt matter if someone “seems” better than I.

When I first moved into the unit I am in now. I would see the neighbors getting together for coffee and having good laughs, talks. The social fun that I have craved my entire life. To have a group of people who I can laugh and hang out with.

I wanted to be apart of a social circle soo bad that I would literally shame myself because I didn’t think I was pretty enough, cool enough, sexy enough, tough enough. You know the self- deprecration. So to me, I have never had the courage to be my full true self. Always have been afraid of negative judgement.

Not no more, well I shouldnt say not no more. More like I understand myself now. I understand that I don’t need to be someone I don’t want to be. The judgement I can feel from people is a real, honest feeling. It may sound “crazy”. Who knows maybe I am the normal one and those who are struggling are the “odd” ones.

Not true, just kind of slipped off my brain there. Comparing, can be healthy but it also can be very unhealthy. So with that, please don’t put yourself down for being you. For being too worried, too scared. Deep breaths, you are Beautiful Inside and out. You are your own person. If people don’t like you, so what? That just means they have underlying issues to deal with about themselves. Beautiful Souls is what we all are. We are the stars that shine in the night sky. So lets shine so bright that its infectious. Hahaha

Stay Shining

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