The choice is Yours

It is Amazing the knowledge you intake from others words. Conversations on why and how our brains function. Thought process, it is just Amazing. How the smallest interuption can cause your brain to become jumbled.

The things we cannot control. We are so focused on what we haven’t done in our lives. What about telling everyone all the little good things you or I have accomplished.

Today is a new day. I have a long walk to go on today. As far as planning goes, I don’t like to make too many plans. I have that tendency to double book. Lol I am sure I am not the only one.

The saying “one day at a time” is so Important to remember. I have no idea how today is going to go. I am going to do my best, as I do everyday to make the most of it.

I can say Ultimately any decision made is made by you. Yes people can ask or tell you to do something. Guess what?, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It is your choice.

My point is that we all have problems. We all like to blame others for our decisions. Point fingers, I could easily blame every other person I have met in my life for my issues. No, I take full responsibility for my actions, words. I take responsibilty for my own choices. In my mind the best I can do is be me. Positive, Happy, Kind, Compassionate. Life can be soo good, it is up to you too take those steps to better yourself and knowledge yourself with the brain. It is soo Cool.

My thoughts on this Beautiful morning.

Stay Shining

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