When I was younger I always wondered what it was like to have a Dad. Every fathers day, on or around it, you were always in my thoughts. My mom had a picture of you with a motorcycle. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Although I don’t think I will ever get on one. Haha

I want you to know that you did nothing wrong. Yes, you missed a lot. So did I. It is okay. I always thought maybe I am not good enough. I have always been so self degrading, self-loathing. I don’t feel unwanted anymore. I am on this Amazing Journey to being who I am supposed to be.

I understand why you were not there. I don’t blame you for anything. I Forgive you for not understanding me. I also didn’t understand myself. I want to say I am sorry. I am sorry for causing emotional pain to you and the family. I hope that one day you will forgive me.

Thank you for all of the Love you showed me despite my behavior. That goes for the entire family as well. Welcomed me with open arms. I have learned a lot and I will continue learning. Thats life, “We live and we learn”. Love you

Stay Shining

I am not writing this to embarrass you, or shame you at all. So please picture me smiling while writing this.


Where are my manners. Abstinence, This is nothing to be ashamed of either. If you don’t want anything to do with sex, that is 100 percent okay.

I should have added this in my last blog “lets talk about sex”. Didn’t occur to me until after I published it. Hahaha a little delayed and thats okay.

In my mind to be abstinent is so Powerful within a person. Not giving into the pressure to be sexual. I am sure one day you will but I also want to add that when, if, you do decide to have sex it is when you want. not anyone else. Standards are so good when it comes to sex. Boundaries, communication.

Protection! number one, always protect yourself. also don’t forget to get testing done. I am sure the health units have so much more information. Again no shame in being you.

Stay Shining

“Let’s talk about sex”

Yes, Sex Lol it is normal. Some people like penis and some like vaginas. So what? Can I ask why so many are being shamed for being a sexual person? There are those who want to settle down and those who want to be free to explore. I Respect that. I respect that because the Shame that has been put on a feeling, emotion. We all like pleasure. Pleasure is apart of life. Women and men, they\them, LGBTQ, whatever is you. You are allowed to feel pleasure and shouldnt be Ashamed of it.

What people should be more worried about is the ones who hurt others for their own pleasure. That is Not okay. There is a difference from knowing and not knowing any better. Sex is apart of life. Pleasure is apart of life. Wanting to be wanted is apart of life. Guess what you can have all this and not be ashamed of it because we all have the same emotions, feeling.

For any of you struggling with this subject, Sex, it is Absolutely and One Hundred percent normal to have feelings, emotions, attractions. Be who you are, stay positive while your at that. Our lives don’t end because we have made a mistake. Our lives are all about us. We are our own creators. So for you, are you gonna create your own story or are you gonna allow other people to do it for you?

You are Important you are Loved, you have purpose. It is all within yourself. You got this! It has been a “pleasure” being able to express myself positively. Hahaha

Stay Shining

The choice is Yours

It is Amazing the knowledge you intake from others words. Conversations on why and how our brains function. Thought process, it is just Amazing. How the smallest interuption can cause your brain to become jumbled.

The things we cannot control. We are so focused on what we haven’t done in our lives. What about telling everyone all the little good things you or I have accomplished.

Today is a new day. I have a long walk to go on today. As far as planning goes, I don’t like to make too many plans. I have that tendency to double book. Lol I am sure I am not the only one.

The saying “one day at a time” is so Important to remember. I have no idea how today is going to go. I am going to do my best, as I do everyday to make the most of it.

I can say Ultimately any decision made is made by you. Yes people can ask or tell you to do something. Guess what?, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It is your choice.

My point is that we all have problems. We all like to blame others for our decisions. Point fingers, I could easily blame every other person I have met in my life for my issues. No, I take full responsibility for my actions, words. I take responsibilty for my own choices. In my mind the best I can do is be me. Positive, Happy, Kind, Compassionate. Life can be soo good, it is up to you too take those steps to better yourself and knowledge yourself with the brain. It is soo Cool.

My thoughts on this Beautiful morning.

Stay Shining