I want to see you do good, but I don’t

I just realized that some people don’t like to see others doing “better” than them. What they need to understand is that they too can be “better”. All the Shame, Embarrassment, Judgement. Why must people be so brutal? I think that if there were more Positive Supports in this world, instead of thinking it is a Competition. Things would defenitely be different.

It just really, really bothers me how everyone is so against each other. There are Police in my complex all the time. Usually a huge fight and threats. It is Frustrating a little. I understand some people don’t want to be nice. Cool, Respect is part of being kind, listening is being kind, Positive reinforcement is kind. Adults trying to fight each other because they have to prove how tough they are, you can be tough without violence. Walking away is the Strength people need. Not to allow anyone to get a rise out of you. That is what they want. Thats my Judgemental thought about Negative people. It is the “I want to see you do good, but I don’t”.

Just really had to get that off of my chest. I hope everyone has an Amazing Day, Night, Evening. Please don’t be afraid to be you.

Stay Shining

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