Father of our children

We have been through a hell of a lot. A lot, Lol You have always been so Strong. Physically Always, not the point…. You were there with me through all of it. I didn’t realize how much you wanted to help me when we were together. I am sorry I didn’t believe you at the time. Your patience with me has been Phenominal.

Even though we had all the bad, there was so much good. Still is really good actually. You have grown into an Amazing man. I am so Proud of you for all of the hard work you have done for this family. It is Important for me to express that I am not blaming anyone for any decisions I have made. That would be extremely low of me. I Thank you for being the Rock of the family. I Love you unconditionally, even if we are not together anymore. You are so Important in this world. Best Dad for Our Children. Thank you for the Support you have given me.

That right there people is me Forgiving myself for the pain I have caused. I am still working on it, Work in Progress. 🙂 So Thankful.

Stay Shining

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