27 Days Sober

I never thought that I would actually be one of the people who count their Sober days. I don’t have to, something about counting higher each day, is so Satisfying. 27 Days, look at me go. Feels so good to think clearer and be more mindful of myself and others.

It took me many times to be where I am. I have always given up way to fast. Also didnt have the proper Support Positively. Or I did and just didn’t listen. That happens a lot. Your not going to hear the positives coming from someone who truly cares. For me personally I am kind of Stubborn at times. Anytime someone would say “you can do it”, I would switch that thought to, “I can’t do it”. Now I believe I can accomplish anything as long as I put my mind to it and reach out for those Positive supports that I kept pushing away.

It is all on me, you know? I have to build the Courage each time. I have to root myself on. I got this! If I got this, then I know you have the Courage to make a change for a better you. It is within me and within you. For me being alone was so scary. I enjoy it at times now. I am able to focus on my mental health in a Positive way. With the help of positive friends. 27 Days Sober!

Stay Shining

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