The Chocolate Bar

Of all things a Chocolate bar was big part of my guilt for years. Hahaha Sounds silly. Here is the Story.

I cannot remember how old I was at the time. We lived in the house that my Grandfather helped build for my Grandma. I have always loved sweet foods. What kid doesnt? I cant say that actually because my son wasnt ever very interested in chocolate. Anyways……..

I lived with my Grandmother, Cousin, Mom, Brother, and Sister. My cousin didnt allow me to enter his room. As he did with almost everyone. On this one particular day, he announced out loud, “I have a chocolate bar in my room and no one is to go in there”. He left to wherever he was going.

I heard him and I knew he was talking to me because he said it while looking at me. Hahaha as soon as I knew he was gone, I entered into his room and found the chocolate bar he had hidden in the cubby space by his bed. I ate it, not all of it though. I only ate half and put it back.

I am laughing at myself right now because when he got home. Well he was very mad and automatically knew it was me. Before I did it I knew I was going to get into trouble. My thought was, fine I will eat that chocolate bar. Hahaha definetly regreted it afterwards.

Many years later to this day, that story has been retold. I did buy him a chocolate bar, the exact same one I think. I put it in his Birthday gift I do believe. I also wrote a note apologizing for eating half of his chocolate bar. Love you cousin! Forgiveness is the most powerful thing. I learned that from a friend.

Stay Shining

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