I didn’t forget you

I won’t use names unless I have permission to do so. You know respect others privacy while I get out all the good and bad. Respect is very Important. Respect is like the saying, “Treat others how you want to be treated”.

Anyways, I met this man, not in person. A friend of a friend. This was not too Long ago. I was really messed up at the time. I can’t believe I didnt mention him actually. Funny guy, Recovering addict, I cant remember if he was an alcoholic. Thats not the point.

I didnt have any sexual attraction toward him at all. It was nice to be able to talk about things with him. I miss him, he was another very Important person who gave me the Courage to start my Healing Journey. Of course after a while I got attatched because I do that with everyone. I did express my feelings toward him one of those Terrible days that I had the weekend of May 13, 2022. Haha of course I did, you know why. I am just that honest. This man called me just to check on me. I never had that before. So I think that was where that “infatuation” comes from, I think thats the word?

Not the first time it has happened. Lol He shared a lot with me about his personal life. That was unusual to me. Amazing Man and very handsome. He does have a Love for another woman and it is the cutest thing to me. I do wish I could tell everyone elses Love story sometimes. Hahaha I won’t do that though.

We stopped talking because of my state of mind. I was a lot to handle in those times. I still am but I am learning. So thats Important to note. I really am a layed back person, yes I have attatchment issues. So what? I am working on it as I write. I do see all the good in people, I also can sense the negativity of a person. It is very easy for me to feel others feelings. Oh dear, got off track again.

Thank you for not giving up on me, I appreciate the Support you had given me.

Stay Shining

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