Leave the Past in the Past

I remember when my ex and I lived in a different unit than the one I am in now. I have always kept to myself. A very nice woman friended me. I am so sorry I stopped talking to you. You tried so hard to be there for me and I pushed you away. Amazing Mom and Wife. She is a very giving person and it reminded me of myself.

She also had been through a lot because you know, every single person on this planet does. This is why I don’t like to judge people negetively. I loathed being bullied. It made me so damn sad. So I don’t ever want to hurt anyone. As I have already said. I have though, I have hurt many people. I also give up a lot and it is usually pretty quick. Not anyones issue except mine. Lol just putting that out there.

I know that there are people who remember the old me. I am not that teen anymore. I have changed ever since I got pregnant with my first child.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of the past. You are always going to remember things from the past but you cannot allow your past to affect now and the future. They do call it the past for a reason. You can’t change it, only learn from it. Like on the Lion King movie.

It feels really good to me to admit my wrongs. To say I am sorry for my wrongs. To be honest, truthful. I am me, I am doing the best I can as a human being. I am growing and I will continue to do so in a Positive aspect, to the best of my ability.

Stay Shining

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