June 2, 2022

Today is day 25 I do believe Sober! I had a craving, I am not going to give in ever again. I have control over my choices. I don’t ever want to go through anything like that again.

I know I am going to have bad days but I Believe I have the Strength to overcome those cravings. I have the Strength to Overcome those negative emotions.

It is very difficult at first, truly and honestly it isn’t easy. My mindset is toward Loving me for me. I walk to get any frustration out. Not because I have to. I want to, I want to walk for hours but I have to ease into it. Hahaha it takes patience and time to improve. Never stop Trying! If you fall down get back up just like when we were kids. Free, no care in the world what people thought.

We are still those happy little ones on the inside. We are just too afraid to show it. I am fighting to be me! I am Learning to Love me.

Screw all those drinks, the drugs. I am high on Life. Hahaha.

Stay Shining

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