My Mom and I had an Amazing visit today. Emotional but so Good. With all the bad we talked about, I acknowledged her Feelings as well as mine. I talked aloud about the emotion. Went into depth.

Hahaha my Mom looked at me and said “you know I am not going to remember any of this”. Hahaha so honest. Love her so much!

A thought of not having her in my life eventually is sad. I want her to know that she is such a Beautiful Soul. I express this to her as much as I can. My Mom hurts and she doesn’t like to show it. She has always protected us from certain things.

Some things she just didn’t have control over. She really is a Amazing Mother! I Love you Momma!

I know one day, she will die but she will be Remembered. I will be Sure of it! Spread the Kindness and Love she has shown me my entire life. I am going to take anytime I can get to spend with her. Breakthroughs, I am telling you. I have never been more okay in my life to be me.

Stay Shining

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