Emotionally, I am so confused. I don’t like feeling like an option. If I am showing a person that I actually enjoy their company, and continue asking if they would like to visit.

They say your Awesome. You try to Communicate because you are comfortable with that person.

This is sad for me. I understand people are busy and have schedules. As of right now I don’t. So I ask if they would like to visit. Why on earth would you ask me what my schedule is like.

In my eyes I am your friend I am not a patient, client. It really made me feel so confused and now I am Sad. Be upfront with me, Honest. I always do my best to listen in a non Judgmental aspect.

It is frustrating to feel unimportant to someone. That Leads me to the Boundaries I posted. I am thinking I may just cut ties. I don’t want to allow myself to feel less than what I am worth!

Stay Shining

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