So I am sure that I block out a lot of bad in my head sometimes. I walked my Mom to her Work tonight. As I was leaving with my coffee in hand, Music in. I faintly heard someone and seen a movement in my peripheral.

I turned to see who it was. He said his name and said that I had met him once. I don’t recall this one bit. He also stated that he took me out for Dinner.

I am confused, is this some story to get me in his car? That’s my thoughts. Just a bit concerning to me. He said I am very Beautiful. Very Kind of him but I am not interested.

So when I walked home, I took a long way back and made it zig zaggy. Hahaha that’s how worried I was. So I got home and called my ex, told him what happened. He told me not to worry too much. I told my ex, I am telling you just in case something were to happen to me.

I am sure he is a Great guy but he told me he is turning 23. Ummm…… I don’t like to be judgemental. Not Comfortable with that personally. I am gonna try to switch this to a positive.

A “boy” remembers me that well for being so young. Or he is apart of a Trafficking ring (negative). Or he is just Lonely. I Like the first and last better. Hahaha You never can be too careful. I am happy I took extra time to protect my home. I was kind as always, thanked him for his kind words.

Stay Shining

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