I am always concerned about other people’s boundaries. This is a good thing. What’s even Better is that I am now setting my own Boundaries.

I have stopped trying so hard to Please everyone else’s wants. I want too, you know what I mean.

You want my chocolate bar. I want my chocolate bar. I am going to share my chocolate bar with you because it is so unfair if I didn’t. My Boundarie there is, Yes this is my chocolate bar. You can’t have it all but I will share with you. Share with you what I am comfortable with.

Boundaries are so good. Healthy Boundaries, I have learned that my friend really doesn’t like hugs. I Completely understand and respect her Boundaries. So no more hugs from me. I will accept the hug when she feels the need for one. When she decides.

I am a hugger. Hahaha Obviously, I understand that some people don’t like hugs. Nothing wrong with that. Doesn’t mean your not a nice person. My friend she is one in a million. I wouldn’t want to Disrespect her Boundaries, as I wouldn’t want her to Disrespect mine.

The most important part here for me is to express how I feel. Honesty, Communication(Positively). There is nothing wrong with saying no. You can’t do it?. Then you can’t do it. Simple. It takes time to voice myself but I always do eventually. The timing is usually good. Sometimes not but it needed to be said or expressed. We all have feelings, Boundaries. We are Allowed to Voice ourselves Positively. No need to yell, Simply talk.

Hahaha Boundaries, who knew it was such a good thing to have.

Stay Shining

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