Soul Mates

Is it just me who Wonders if they have a soul mate somewhere? I thought I had a soul mate. I was Completely wrong. I don’t regret it at all to be honest. My last relationship taught me so much.

My ex and I were unsepperable, we were two very intimate people. It is basically all we did. All the time. Hahaha our communication wasn’t very good at all. I could be wrong, I am sure he will correct me if I am wrong. 11 years and four Beautiful Children.

I taught him about Emotions and he taught me how to have that “Backbone”. So, no were not soul mates. I am okay with that. We had a Good, wild run.

Soul mates, you just know that they are your eternity. It is Incredible, I do believe in Soul Mates. I do Believe one day I will meet mine. If I haven’t already. One Day.

Stay Shining

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