“BOOM”, All of a sudden I get every single emotion in one moment. Anxiety, crying, can’t understand, Irrational, Hostile.

Mainly Irrational and Hostile. Meaning unreasonable, Unfriendly. I just figured it out this morning. I had to think about why I felt so “Crazy”. Not crazy at all, just tired. Our brains I do believe need at least 8 hours of rest.

The night before, I slept so well. I believe almost 10 hours. I can’t recall having a nap. My brain wouldn’t stop, no matter if I ate or smoked weed. Eventually I was so tired of it I cried myself to sleep again. Telling myself that tomorrow is a new day. This will pass.

This morning, I gathered my thoughts and eventually started writing. Figured out I was feeling that way from tiredness. It’s like my brain had enough and said you are gonna cry until you are tired. Thankfully.

I slept about 5 hours, so I need to figure out what is best for me and my health in these situations. I am proud of myself for acknowledging the feelings, emotions, thoughts, learning why I was feeling the way I did.

Stay Shining

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