Many nights I have been restless. Could be from walking. I also eat a lot then go to sleep. I don’t like doing that. It is bad to eat before bed, not to mention that’s probably the best way to gain weight.

I am having an extremely tough night. 9:39pm I am feeling so alone. Music playing, tears streaming down my face. I had an Okay day. Just sad today.

Tomorrow is a new day. So hopefully I can get a good sleep.

Staying as Positive as I can.

Stay Shining

Beautiful Day

It is so nice to be able to walk out the house without the Winter gear. Have windows open. The warm breeze and cool breeze.

I went for a long walk this morning. I had my Music on, my bottle of water, my purse around me. I allowed myself to push hard, when I felt I needed to slow down I would. I had control over my breathing. So I was able to walk as hard and fast as I could. It is a really good feeling for me.

Control over my breathing. I missed this feeling very much. I have lost myself throughout the years. I have and Always will stay Kind. No matter the pain I am in. I stopped walking because I am not comfortable with myself.

Today I found it a lot easier to get out the door for my walk. My feet still have blisters on them but I am willing to work through the pain to keep myself Happy. I Love walking and Listening to music.

I was embarrassed yesterday and that threw me right off before bed. I was not clear minded from feeling tired. So I stopped myself from going any further into the negative. Cried myself to sleep. I awoke feeling refreshed.

I accepted my emotions and I did talk about it with my friend. That helped drastically, so this morning I reminded myself that the focus is on me and not other people. I am learning and I know I will fully understand myself and Love myself through it all. I deserve it.

Stay Shining